What We Do

With 17 years' experience, Open-City helps to challenge perceptions, break down barriers and inspire people to demand high-quality places for current and future generations. Our pioneering programmes and initiatives are designed to meet the needs of decision-makers, young people and the wider community, and it is the success of these that has positioned us as a progressive and influential authority amongst these groups.

Open-City has developed an approach that focuses on offering opportunities to:

- Learn by experiencing and exploring exemplars of excellent architectural design
- Build understanding and knowledge of the importance of high-quality design
- Express views, for example through Open House campaigns, events, action research projects, opinion polls and publications
- Use knowledge to influence policy and practice, bringing about change and making a positive impact on the shape of our city

Our programmes are shaped by our three main target audiences:

- Engaging the general public – enabling all Londoners to experience and learn about the capital’s most interesting and significant architecture

- Learning for young Londoners – providing architectural education for students in London’s schools; involving young people in the design of spaces and places

- Advocating good design amongst decision-makers – working with local authority officers and councillors, regeneration professionals and developers, and other decision-makers to advocate for good design throughout the city. This includes policy and decision making related to art in public spaces

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