Architecture in Schools: Secondary

Open Up 09 workshop
Annual Architecture Programme for
secondary schools: Autumn Term

Architecture and the built environment is something that has an impact on all our daily lives but it is the one thing we generally don’t learn about.  Open-City has been delivering architecture education programmes for over 10 years and works with 3,000 young people a year. All of our education programmes draw on our experience as a leader in the field of architecture education.

If you are a secondary school teacher and would like to find out how your school can get involved please click here or to find out further information, please contact Zoe Zotou or phone 0207 383 5722

The programme:

This is a unique programme for secondary schools and sixth forms. Direct experience of contemporary architecture is the starting point for developing design skills and awareness of the built environment, together with creative workshops.

Students, together with a built environment professional, explore an exemplary building in London, unpack the design, then develop design ideas during a classroom workshop.  Architecture is a valuable educational resource and the programme empowers both teachers and students to take advantage of it.

Who can take part?

Key Stage 3, 4 & 5, years 7-11

Art & Design and Design & Technology are the most common subjects through which architecture is explored, but we welcome other subjects: The programme has a track record in meeting national curriculum learning objectives for Maths, Science, English and Geography too.

Programme Outline

Step 1: Teachers' and built environment professionals' partnering & training session
Pre-programme evening InSET sessions offer the opportunity to develop fresh ideas and provide practical guidance for teachers and built environment professionals.

Step 2: Building exploration visits
Architects and engineers lead explorations of buildings which showcase exemplary architecture, supported by Open-City educators. Activities and resources are provided by Open-City. Schools will be matched to buildings that complement planned or existing schemes of work. 

Step 3: Model making workshop for teachers and built environment professionals
A new evening InSET session offering teachers and architects the opportunity to explore how students can use model making as part of the learning process in workshops.

Step 4: Classroom workshops
A built environment professional and Open-City educator will work with students back in the classroom to support the development of design concepts, skills and processes

Step 5: Competition and awards event
A prestigious reception and awards ceremony will showcase the winning designs created through the collaborations between students, professionals from the built environment sector and Open-City.

Architecture in Schools Secondary 2012-2013

'Design a temporary pop-up structure for an event and site of your choice'

Architecture has always been synonymous with permanence, however, in the last few years we have seen much of the opposite. Pop up shops, food carts, marketplaces and performance spaces are continuously changing the urban environment. With the help of a built environment professional and Open-City educators, we challenged students to design their own temporary pop-up structure for an event and site of their choice.

Click here to download the full 2012 Awards programme which showcases the winning designs from last year.





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