How to prepare residents for Engagement in Regeneration

Exemplar masterclassWho is it for?
Local Authorities, Neighbourhood Forums, Community Groups, Housing Associations; may also be of interest to Developers and Consultants

What is it?
The support of the local community is critical to the success of a regeneration scheme. For many local residents involved in the engagement process this will be their first time discussing urban design and reviewing technical drawings. This can often be a source of conflict between the local residents and professional consultants as teh untrained locals find it hard to communicate their ideas in the same way as the trained professionals.

Our Residents' Engagement Workshop will give you effective tools and methods for engaging the community in local regeneration proposals so that they can:

  • understand and provide an informed view on design proposals
  • understand the priorities in achieving good urban design

What does it deliver?
Equipped with the tools and techniques from the workshop you will be able to prepare and engage lay-members of the community in proposals for regeneration in their neighbourhood in a more meaningful way.

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