How to review planning applications from a design perspective

(formerly known as 'Exemplar Masterclass')

Who is it for?
Local Councillors and Planning Officers

What is it?
Our Reviewing Planning Applications Workshop guides you through the process of reviewing a scheme against best design principles.

The workshops are designed for planning officers and local councillors involved in planning and development who would like to develop their skills in evaluating the merit of scheme designs.

The workshops are run as masterclasses and take place on site at 'exemplar' schemes - developments that demonstrate the benefit of following good design principles, an appreciation of social and historic context, and a willingness to aspire to the provision of a higher quality of life.

The masterclasses will explore a variety of recent schemes in London, including major interventions on the back of the Olympics, major retail investment and in meeting London's housing needs.

What does it deliver?
Equipped with the tools and techniques from the workshop you will have a better understanding of how to meaningfully engage young people in the design of urban buildings andf spaces.

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If you would like to have some more information on this programme please email Suzie Zuber, Associate, Advocacy and Enabling at


Past Exemplar Masterclasses

18 November 2011
Open-City Exemplar summary from St Andrews can be downloaded here

18 November 2011
Open-City Exemplar summary from Stanmore can be downloaded here

25 October 2011
Open-City London Exemplar, Olympic Park Fringe walk and Olympic Park tour report can be downloaded here

15 August 2011

Open-City Exemplar summary from Stonebridge can be downloaded here

29 June 2011
Open-City presented a talk at the Architecture Centre Network - download the presentation here

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