How to prepare residents for their role in Design Review

Who is it for?
Neighbourhood Forums, Community Groups, Housing Associations

What is it?
Design Review Panels are a respected forum for influencing the design of a scheme before it is submitted for formal planning approval. In 2009 the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham wanted to set up a Residents' Urban Design Forum to involve local residents in the planning process ot help improve the quality of urban design and architecture. Open-City developed and delivered a training package for the RUDF to prepare them for their role on the panel.

Based on our successful experience with LB Barking and Dagenham we have set up a new training workshop for Design Leaders keen to involve local communities in the review of regeneration proposals for their neighbourhood.

Our Preparing for Design Review Workshop will enable you to set up a local Residents' Design Review Panel and prepare local residents for their role on it.

What does it deliver?
Equipped with the tools and techniques from the workshop you will understand how you could set up a residents' urban design review panel in your area.

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