Research is one of our key activities. We give a voice to Londoners’ opinions and ideas by carrying out and publishing regular polls, surveys and research into attitudes towards design quality and the built environment.

Your buildings, your neighbourhood, your city survey

Open-City's recent 'Your buildings, your neighbourhood, your city' survey revealed that those living and working in the capital feel they have little say in the design of new buildings and public spaces in their local areas.

Of the 1,137 people who undertook the survey online, 747 (65.3%) believe that they do not have enough of a say in their local built environment, despite the fact that the vast majority (98.2%) feel it is important for their local area to be well designed.

With more than 800 individual comments to the survey, there is strong public opinion that:

- UK towns are in danger of losing their character and sense of place to insensitive, poor design
- The needs and opinions of the local community are not genuinely valued, but that there would be support for well-designed new development
- Many people believe that public consultation is conducted only as a tick-box exercise or often rushed - they would value a genuine conversation and involvement in the decision-making process

The research supports the case for more innovative ways of engaging the wider community in the planning process and for dialogue as an on-going rather than a one-off consideration.

Download the summary results here.

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24 October 2011

Open-City Response to the National Planning Policy Framework




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