Youth Engagement

Who is it for?
Neighbourhood Forums, Community Groups, Housing Association; may also be of interest to Developers and Consultants

What is it?
Young people are often a silent but strongly felt presence within a community.

Our Design Insight Workshop for Young People gives young people an insight into the design of urban spaces and how they can help influence them.

The workshops are designed to achieve a two-way benefit, so that not only is the project improved by the young people's input, but they also come away with new skills for their personal CVs.

Our workshops draw on our wealth of experience through the My City Too! programme, with a flexible and creative approach to make the workshops as engaging as possible. We are eperienced in using a variety of media to engage the young people, for example video-making, exploring light through art, designing their own project campaign material.

We have delivered youth engagement across London for a variety of clients including Local Authorities, Developers and Consultants.

We can also help to manage a Youth Forum, bringing local youth together on a regular basis to discuss the issues relevant to the project in a forum where they feel safe and their opinions respected.

What does it deliver?

  • Young people who are integrated and committed to the project rather than disinterested and alienated.
  • The project can also be tailored to include skill development that can be added to the young participants' CVs.
  • The youth workshop can also act as a recruitment vehicle for a project Youth Forum.
  • A Youth Forum that gives young people the opportunity to inform a local project feeding in to the 'adult' forum as appropriate.

Read more about our successful workshops with young people through the My City Too! programme

Format and cost:
The workshop can be delivered as a single or multiple sessions depending on what best suits your project needs. The cost of managing a Youth Forum will depend on the project duration ad frequency of meetings. Please contact Suzie Zuber, for a more detailed breakdown in response to your requirements.

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