Design Review Training

Who is it for?
Local Authorities, Community Groups, Housing Associations

What is it?
Demystifying the Design Process

Design Review is practised by Councils and Housing Associations across the country to enable the community's views to be represented in the early stages of significant planning applications and projects.

Designed as a three-part workshop, our Design Review Training equips members of design review panels with the skills and confidence to review and debate urban design proposals.

Our workshops are carefully structured to give community members an in-depth, hands-on understanding of the best practice principles of planning and design so that they are fully prepared for their role in assessing schemes put before them.

What does it deliver?
A trained panel representing the local community, confident in arguing for a high standard of design in their local neighbourhood.

Format and Cost:
The training is carried out in a series of sessions to build the participants' knowledge using a variety of methods. Cost varies depending on number of attendees and number of sessions. Please contact Suzie Zuber, for a more detailed breakdown in response to your requirements.

Case Study:

Residents on the Barking and Dagenham RUDF, having been introduced to the planning process and the principles of achieving and enabling good places, now contribute to major projects in the borough prior to consideration by Committee.


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