Design Inspiration Visits

Who is it for?
Neighbourhood Forums, Community Groups, Housing Associations; may also be of interest to Developers and Consultants

What is it?
Our Design Inspiration Visits are facilitated tours and discussions of relevant urban places and spaces to inspire communities to see what could be achieved in their neighbourhood.

Our expertise lies in this method of 'learning in the flesh': to help the untrained eye imagine how a design shown in a drawing might look in real life.

Through our visits community representatives get to see first-hand different materials, scales of developments and design styles.

We use familiar pointes of reference from a local community's neighbourhood to compare new ideas against existing reality.

What does it dfeliver?
The community members gain an informed understanding of design solutions and a point of reference for the discussion of design solutions for their own project.

Format and cost:
The visits are usually carried out in a single session, but can be commissioned at various stages of the project to illustrate different aspects of urban design as relevant during the design process. Cost varies depending on number of attendees and number of visits. Please contact Suzie Zuber, for a more detailed breakdown in response to your requirements.