Design Awareness Training for Communities

“Thank you. I couldn’t read the estate map before this session but it makes sense now!” (Estate Resident)

Who is it for?
Neighbourhood Forums, Community Groups, Housing Associations; may also be of interest to Developers and Consultants

What is it?
Our Design Awareness Training helps to prepare communities about to be engaged in proposals to regenerate their local neighbourhood.

This programme brings communitites together through inspiring yet informative design workshops that will equip the participants with:

  • an understanding of good urban design principles
  • the confidence to read and give an informed view on design proposals

What does it deliver?
Equipped with their new deisn awareness knowledge the community will be able to communicate with their design team in a more meaningful way.

Read more about our successful work with the Andover Estate

Format and cost:
This workshop can be delivered as a single or multiple sessoins, standalone, or as part of a Steering Group Meeting depending on what best suits your community needs. Please contact Suzie Zuber, for more information