The Real Lea Valley - From Industry to Art

For many Londoners the Olympic park, and its post-Games development, has served as a gateway to learning more about this once-overlooked city locale.

Yet beyond the park itself, lies a different and still unknown world, a mysterious collection of waterways, natural open spaces, and important relics of bygone industrial eras.

Indeed the areas rich industrial history played a singular part in the evolution of the metropolis but remarkably, much of it remains untouched by London's subsequent growth and development.

More recently it has been re-discovered - by artists whose studios, galleries and workshops pepper the riverside.

This walk provides an opportunity to get to know the area before it too is submerged by new building, as 'Central London moves east'.

Your guide is Ralph Ward, who has worked on the planning and development of the area for over twenty years, most recently as Olympic planning and regeneration advisor for the Department for Communities and Local Government. He is now visiting professor at the University of East London.

Meet: Carmelite Cafe at the Nunnery Gallery 181 Bow Rd, London E3 2SJ at 11am 

Saturday 19 May 11am Book here

Cost £25.50. Duration 2 -2.5 hours. Walk ends a short distance from East India Dock DLR, and Canning Town Underground station.

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(picture c. Angus Hamilton, taken on past tour)

Feedback from Open-City walking tour attendees

"I was curious about the new developments and seeing what had happened to King's Cross in the 26 years since I worked in the area. I loved how the new developments are so sensitive to the old"

"We were very interested to see how the King's Cross area is progressing, it's such an important development, taking place almost on our doorstep."



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