Photography Tour - From Wren to Rogers

photoExplore the architecture of the City of London from Wren to Rogers with this photographic walking tour looking at how to effectively photograph the City, a hugely impressive mix of history and modernity, where new vistas are continually opening of this ever-changing cityscape.

On this tour, led by acclaimed architectural photographers you will discover different ways of observing and photographing the City.

This is an introductory tour with a your guide, a member of the architectural photography agency View Pictures on hand to guide you and answer any questions.

The tour will cover optimum time of day to photograph the City’s buildings. By the end of this tour you should be able to identify differing architectural styles in the City and different approaches to architectural photography.

Participants should be familiar with the manual functions of their camera. You MUST bring your own camera.

Walking tour departing from City of London Information Centre, St Paul's Churchyard
EC4M 8BX. Duration 3 hours approx
Cost: £35.50

Saturday 22 November 10am FULLY BOOKED

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Feedback from past Open-City photography tour attendees

"The tour offered a large number of vistas which are easily overlooked. As I know the City well, it was particularly rewarding to see buildings with which I was reasonably familiar, from a completely new point of view, through the eyes of a photographer"

"It was wonderful having the time and space to look, having the confidence that there would be another impressive scene around the next corner and getting one shot worth entering for In pictures, The Guardian!"

"The tours was a gift from a friend. I had a wonderful time and took some great photos, even with a small digital camera"

"...getting an informed view on new architecture AND some useful photography tips at the same time. Enjoyed everything about the tour. Guide was excellent. Brilliant tour"


22 - King's Cross Renaissance; Photo Tour - Wren to Rogers
29 - Architecture on the Thames Central

6 - London Riverside; Greenwich Photo
13 - Architecture on the Thames Central
Christmas Special with Mulled Wine
From Cathedral to Commerce

January 2015
31 - From Cathedral to Commerce

7 - London Riverside
14 - King's Cross Renaissance
21 - tbc
28 - From Cathedral to Commerce

7 - London Riverside
14 - King's Cross Renaissance
21 - tbc
28 - From Cathedral to Commerce

Further 2015 walking, photo and building tours added to the programme shortly


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