Photography Tour - London Riverside

photoExplore the architecture of London riverside with this photographic walking tour led by Grant Smith, acclaimed architectural photographer. Discover the city's links with the river Thames, and how to best photograph the unusual views provided by this river-scape.

Now rediscovered, the Thames has once again become a major part of London life, a transport highway with vibrant promenades, with London’s main attractions now making good use of the water frontage.

This is an introductory tour, providing many opportunities for photographing the London skyline as you crisscross the river. The tour will cover optimum time of day to photograph riverside buildings and your rights to photograph them. Participants should be familiar with the manual functions of their camera.

Walking tour departing from: Tate coffee stand at the riverside (North) entrance to the Tate Modern. Tate Modern address: Bankside, London SE1 9TG

Duration 2.5-3 hours approx
Cost £22.50

You MUST bring your own camera.

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Feedback from past attendees of Open-City photography tours

"The tour offered a large number of vistas which are easily overlooked. As I know the City well, it was particularly rewarding to see buildings with which I was reasonably familiar, from a completely new point of view, through the eyes of a photographer"

"It was wonderful having the time and space to look, having the confidence that there would be another impressive scene around the next corner and getting one shot worth entering for In pictures, The Guardian!"

"The tours was a gift from a friend. I had a wonderful time and took some great photos, even with a small digital camera. Grant was a great guide"

"...getting an informed view on new architecture AND some useful photography tips at the same time. Enjoyed everything about the tour. Guide was excellent. Brilliant tour"

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